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La Siesta - Ciel
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La Siesta - special edition for Ciel

She is falling in love with sweet pink dream!
Let's peek in Ciel's lovely fantasy~*

Type - Sleeping Ciel F03
Mould & Makeup - Kyante
Doll & Outfit Design - Ciel
Included - special makeup, outfits, wig, flat&heeled feet, special pouch...

* We will assemble Ciel with flat feet for the sleeper.
If you want to do with heeled feet, leave a message on a order sheet, please.
* You are able to add Ciel F01&F02 head.(included green gray glass eyes)
* It will be shipped out in about 2 months after ordering.

* 슬리퍼 착용을 위해 평발로 조립합니다. 힐발을 원하시는 분은 주문시에 알려주세요.
* F01&F02 헤드추가 가능합니다. (그린 글라스 안구 포함됩니다)
* 주문완료 후 약 2달 뒤에 배송됩니다.




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