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Suntanned Re-che
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We show our special boy, Re-che!
He is only 16 in the world.

We created him as stylish and sexy guy.
He looks like top model becase of the suntanned skin and slim body.
Let's fall into his attraction!

Included - special makeup of Kyante, outfit, wig, 16mm glass eyes (random).
( outfit : hat, shirt, vest, pants, necktie, belt, wrist bands, bracelets and underwear )

<< Size >>

Height : 62 cm
Circumference of head : 21.5 cm (8.5 inch)
Wide of shoulder : 11 cm
Circumference of chest : 23 cm
Circumference of Waist : 18 cm
Circumference of Hip : 24 cm
Foot size : 8 cm

* We will not release it as basic edition, it is limited edition.
* All works are hand crafted. They would be slightly different.
* There may be a marbling , spot on body, but it is not inferior goods.
* It is impossible to sand the suntanned body.
* You can see more pictures in Muse Style's gallery! - www. musedoll.net




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