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Le Noir
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MuseDoll release new Bisque doll!
How about creating your own doll world with Le Noir?
She will bring out your another sense of sensibility. :)

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Height : 33cm
Weight : 200g
Included : Doll, Mohair wig, Skirt & Corsage, Cushion Pouch
구성 : 인형, 모헤어가발, 치마 & 코사지, 쿠션파우치

* It is a half bisque doll and the torso is made with fabric.
* It is fragile by a strong shock. Handle with care, please!
* 하프비스크돌이며 몸통은 원단으로 제작됩니다.
* 강한 충격에 깨질 수 있으니 취급주의 부탁드립니다.




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